About Me, Sookie & Bath Bomb Emporium

kalynsookAbout Kalyn, Sookie & Bath Bomb Emporium

I can be verbose, so you may want to scroll down to the About Me, my Company’s Mission, or to our Social Marketing with bath specialty artist-entrepreneurs!

Hi! First let me thank you for checking out my e-Shop! My team and I (that’s my super computer-savvy husband and I) set out to make an “Everything Bath Bombs” e-store where you can find specialty bath bombs, truffles, cupcakes, soaps and many other “bath” accessories.

Have you heard of bath bombs? They are also called bath fizzies – I first learned about them 15 years ago. Tried making them myself, flop. Oh well, I made other herbal and natural gifts for family and friends – gifts that you can’t buy! I love specialty things, like bath bombs, because they enhance life and I’m all about making an ordinary day, extraordinary! So here’s to making gifts that you can’t buy available-

So, a bit About Me:

I’m a mom and a wife; I believe life is wonderful – it is meant to be – and if we aren’t experiencing that wonder, then it is time for a change.

My passion is living a wonderful life. I love traveling and I love enjoying my version of ‘the good life’. I’m very into my own personal and spiritual path and I have found that, at the heart of a lot of spiritual teachings, quality and having meaning are the foundations to a good life. I also love working with entrepreneurs and run a coaching group as well as OMG! or an Outstanding Mastermind Group! for women entrepreneurs who I love connecting with (and I help them with their marketing).

Sookie, my daughter’s dog, is with me during the day while my daughter is at school. My husband and I like to go and enjoy outdoor lunches around Florida – while we can before summers set in- and we’re focused on enjoying life.

Thus, my brand is quality, enjoyment, pampering (because it’s actually good for you, spiritually speaking), purpose and well-being.

The Bath Bomb Emporium Mission

Life isn’t all parties and smelling roses. Believe me, I know. I’ve been into personal and spiritual development for a long, long time. I have worked on my own path but I’ve also dedicated 15 plus years to helping others – and life is filled with challenges and problems.

So, I like to uplift people too. I like giving people something to enjoy and something to smile about. One way, of course, is by selling bath bombs and other “Bath Time Sweets”. Let’s make life sweet!

See, it’s not just adding something pampering to life that I’m interested in, it’s also the fact that when you add quality and pleasure to life, higher-vibrating energies mix with your problems and the end result is a better life. Just look at what coaches always say – treat yourself well, be good to you, and your life will be better. Do so and people start to treat you better and things (including those problems) get less problematic.

Quality is something that our modern times are missing, those special touches. Additionally, I hate not knowing what to get as gifts for loved ones. Wine is easy because it fits and it’s consumable, but bath bombs and other bath time sweets offer relaxation, pleasure, de-stressing and they can turn a home spa into an extraordinary experience. After all, water is healing and it puts us in the flow.

Social Marketing With Other Amazing Entrepreneurs

Did you know what a huge part of our economy small businesses are? We create about 50% of the GDP (non-farming Gross Domestic Product) and we employ 99.7% of employees in the US. (Source http://usgovinfo.about.com/cs/businessfinance/a/sbatopten.htm)

In other words, our economy is mostly made up of entrepreneurs and small businesses when it comes to having money come in to the pocket of an American. That’s cool! So, I’m also all about supporting fabulous women entrepreneurs who make quality bath time sweets!

Bath Bomb Emporium thus supports and works with small entrepreneurs. We’ve made some great new friends in these women and we love bringing them business, because they are like artists-bakers! They create eatable art for your skin and bath tub (no mouths!)

Right now our e-store’s offerings represent 6 amazing women and their businesses- and we’re looking to grow!

At Bath Bomb Emporium we partner with these entrepreneurs by offering their brands and having them create our brand! We also try to drive more sales to them by having a monthly special offer highlighting a brand. So, our bath time sweets let you indulge and be pampered – without gaining weight-, they are great for your skin and well-being and they help support an amazing women entrepreneur!

Support them and be offered great gifts by signing up for our VIP Member (scroll down for a link) list here!