Under $10 for a tea light, bath bomb and lemonAbundance & Baths

One of my favorite classes that I teach is a class on financial abundance. See, people always think that if only they had more money, their lives would change. However, everyone thinks that, no matter how much money they have.

One secret that I teach is that financial abundance comes when you have a mindset of abundance. You may know that, but you may not understand how to live that. That’s to say, words alone don’t mean much, but knowing what to do makes all the difference.

One way to take on a mindset of abundance is to treat yourself abundantly, without breaking the bank. No matter who you are, you may not be able to go to the spa all of the time, or as often as you like. Going to the spa may seem like the abundant choice to make for yourself (and it is sometimes), but change your mind! Take on the mindset of abundance and realize that for less than $10 you can give yourself a great, impactful and rejuvenating home-spa experience. Better still, a home-spa experience is tailored to suit your mood, needs and wants!


$10 Can Be Extra-Special

To help you shift and raise your mindset, you have to put some intention into what you do. In the case of a home-spa, you’ll want to think about what can make your existing bathroom extra-special to you. Spa’s are fantastic because they offer massages and a great ambiance. You too can set up a great experience and you can choose the details, such as the music you like, to enhance your experience, making it extra special.

What is meaningful to you? Candle light, music? A cup of tea or spa-like orange water, a hot tub and a massage?

Set the mood for yourself. For under $10 you can get tea lights (about $1.50), tea or an orange/lemon to give your water properties to recharge you ($1) and a bath bomb to add aromatherapy and good-for-your skin ingredients ($6). Delight yourself!

Ask your partner to join you in the tub where you can both relax your muscles and your mood. A comfortably hot tub will increase your circulation and lower your stress level as you also nurture your skin with water and the great ingredients in your favorite bath bomb. Next provide each other with a gentle massage – and if you haven’t hydrated yet, be sure to drink your citrus water after the massage. A couple of hours of music, candle lights and love- for you both, for your body and your mood.


Just For You

Just imagine, a spa that can make you feel like life is good, a spa that will rejuvenate and relax you – and special attention from your home spa and partner! That’s more than you will receive in a spa, plus you’ll have privacy and everything will be catered to you (since you chose everything you want and like) – at a fraction of the price!

Abundance offers it all to us. Set yourself up so that your home spa experience will do the same. For under $10 your home spa can feel special and within your financial reach.

Now, isn’t this a great way to enhance your experience as you improve your energetic relationship to abundance?