bath bombsFrom Kalyn, Bath Bomb Emporium, First let me say that the word ‘spa’ has a cool root or meaning:

Medicinal or mineral spring,” 1620s, from the name of the health resort in eastern Belgium, known since 14c., that features mineral springs believed to have curative properties. The place name is from Walloon espa “spring, fountain. Source:

Now I know that your bathtub may not be famous for holding curative properties and it may not be a fountain of youth, but it could be.

Home Spa #1: Cucumber Water
Start the tub water and then dip into the kitchen for a refreshing glass of cucumber water.

It’s important to keep hydrated- we sweat in a warm tub, and we want to be sure to bring those curative water properties to the inside of our body, not just the outside.

Cucumber water is energizing and benefit-inducing. Cucumbers boast many benefits by offering antioxidants, to help prevent aging; cucurbitacins, a type of phytonutrient that has shown to help the body kill and diminish the proliferation of cancer cells; and cucumbers will boost your energy. Similar to other raw vegetables, cucumbers offer the body energy in the form of megahertz. You are what you eat and when you eat and drink higher-vibrating foods and drinks, your energy is raised!

Want a little extra flavor? Add a garnish of mint to your home-spa drink!



Home Spa #2: Hot, Healing Waters
Warm, relaxing tub here I come!

Unplug from the world and retreat to a you-world of relaxation! Yes, of course giving yourself a little “me” and health-inducing time is essential!

Your home spa may not flow from a mineral spring, but you too can seek out curative properties in water: “The practice of traveling to hot or cold springs in hopes of effecting a cure of some ailment dates back to pre-historic times.” Source:

Lucky for you and me, we don’t have to travel anywhere to enjoy the cure to some ailments with a home spa!

A hot bath (not too hot to burn yourself, of course- have a temperature that feels good to you) with plain water offers the physical and emotional benefits of relaxation and is also health-inducing. It is recommended that you only sit in a hot bath for 15 to 20 minutes or as your doctor instructs, because the warm water will increase your circulation. Like the Japanese, if you take a shower first then your water and skin will be clean. Then a warm bath has the benefit of opening your pores, offering a deeper cleanse; a hot bath will also relax muscles after exercise and relive joint pain. It is even said it will reduce a headache!

Best of all (since sleep-deprivation is common in our society), a bath will relax your mind, body and soul can help you fall asleep faster – but be sure to get out of the tub if you’re starting doze off!



Home Spa #3: Enhance Your Tub Water – Bath Bombs Anyone?

You might have a candle burning, your favorite music playing, your glass of cucumber water within reach and you may be loving your home spa. You are enhancing your experience and your drinking water, so tip number three to relax with a home spa today is to enhance your tub water with a bath bomb.

Bath bombs or, bath fizzys, are a ball that you drop into the tub to add aromatherapy and good-for-you ingredients to your tub. They are fun too: place your bath bomb into a your tub (it doesn’t have to be full, but have some water collected) and watch the bath bomb effervesce or fizz! Bath bombs have citric acid and baking soda in them, a base and an acid, which react and fizz when combined with water. They also have other ingredients to provide aromatherapy and good-for-you butters or oils, such as Shea Butter (known now as a topical ‘superfood for the skin’), to nourish your skin.

Bath bomb fizzys come in an array of scents, colors and sizes. Discover your favorite bath bomb maker and then get the size and scent that offers the greatest delight since bath bombs can please you physically (with the fizzing and colors), your sense of smell (with the aromatherapy), your sense of touch (with the oils and butters) and they will enhance your home spa-fountain experience.

My Home Spa

In today’s hectic times, it is important to have “me” time. “Me” time isn’t the same as being the center of everyone else’s universe; but you do want to be the center of yours. Be sure to focus on your body’s health, your mind’s ability to relax and your soul’s ability to enjoy because wellbeing starts here and a home spa is a wonderful, personal treatment center meant to cater to your need for enjoyment and pleasure (and it’s good for you)!


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