If you are like me, you appreciate and recognize the benefits and advantages of going to the spa. A good spa offers ambiance, luxury and wellbeing. Last year I had a fabulous experience at the Eau Spa in Palm Beach – $200 of wonderful (ouch)!

If you are like me still, then $200 isn’t happening much or often. I mean, even if it could, I don’t always have the time and I love the fact that a home spa is tailored, always available on my time and always affordable. Are you enjoying your home spa?

A shower or bath with no bath bling is boring, so here’s 5 ways to make your home spa extra special:

1 Add Oxygen

Ok, this may seem inconsequential, but you might be surprised!

Get yourself a plant that can live by a window in your bathroom or that you can easily bring in during your spa treatment. Plants have physical and psychological effects on us: they, of course, add oxygen to our air, but they also add the color green which sooths and relaxes us. Haven’t you noticed that quality spas always have plants and flowers?

2 Create An Ambiance

Picture it: your bathroom transformed. Maybe you add candles or you purchase something meaningful (a ceramic figure, a crystal or one of those blanket-towels); a bathtub caddy services you and, as you step into the dim light in your bathroom, you enter a different world.

Yes, it may require a little imagination or a little transformation – but it’s so worth it. Everyone should have at least one special room in their home that’s just for them, that enhances them and that adds wellbeing. And you, my friend, deserve such a space!

3 The Power of Water (Drink, Eat & Be Merry)

Actually, this heading should read something like ‘Spa’s Take Care of Your Needs, which feels good. A Home Spa Can cater to your needs and wants even more-so. That’s because spas are all about relaxation, rejuvenation and wellbeing. In other words, they are all about taking care of your body, enhancing your mood and helping your mind let go.

So, add that touch of caring to your home spa with a crisp glass of orange or lemon water; have your bathtub caddy serve a delightful snack (apple slices or your favorite cookie).

While this isn’t meal time, giving yourself a drink and a small snack doesn’t take long but it offers a touch of caring, just enough to help your home spa meet your needs and help you feel pampered.

4 Not Just Water, Enhanced Water

This is a favorite touch of mine: make your water special. Spas with a Jacuzzi or small pool offer the healing magic of water, but they generally don’t have anything special in the water.

Your home spa can offer you an array of special touches to help your tub experience. From bath bombs, to bath oils or truffles, you can find the right water enrichment for you. There are a lot of products available these days (though not too many people know about them) to add aromatherapy and butters or oils that are beneficial to your skin. Now that’s a special touch that spas can’t offer you!

5 A Quiet Space

My last tip for turning your home spa into a extra-special home spa is to ensure that your home spa can offer you as much of an escape and an enriched feeling as a spa. You ensure that yours is a transformed and extra special home spa when you are intentional about turning your ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one.

The layout of your bathroom may not seem like it has what it takes to create a special spa-like experience (mine doesn’t have a tub right now, I have to go to bathroom with a tub, but I still use my shower area like a spa) but it isn’t about the spa, it’s about how you treat it.

Make sure to keep your bathroom-spa clean; decorate it with your special touch so that it holds a special something. Because we don’t spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, they can easily become something like a sacred space, a space that holds a special feeling and our intention for that extraordinary home spa.

When you set out to think of your bathroom as being special, you will begin to treat it differently and you will find that your experience here will change. Your bathroom can become a special space that helps you relax, de-stress and enjoy quiet from the everyday challenges or problems in life.

You might play your favorite music in your home spa, but creating an extra special space that provides a quiet, relaxing escape from your worries or woes… now that’s extraordinary!

Yes, creating an extra special home spa can be that easy. Add something special for yourself (and maybe your partner too) and to your life. Adding wellbeing through a home spa like this will improve your physical and psychological health in wonderful ways.