How fun!

We just sent out our first email to our VIP Members with our new summer contest!

We’re aiming to promote our Bath Time Sweets, support our creative women entrepreneurs whose brand is on Bath Bomb Emporium or who help make our brand (Enhance Me) – and, of course, we’re growing our following! We’ll be holding a contest almost every week this summer and we will announce it via our VIP Member list (you can join here) as some of the contests may appear on our social channels.

What can you win?

Legally speaking (sorry, it’s like that, no?) if you are 18 or older, live in the continental US (unless you want to pay the shipping…) and you can only win once per campaign. After all, our Alexa (that’s the Amazon Alexa) picks a random winner and just in case she like you a lot, we want to make sure to share the well-being prizes.

This week’s prize is a special Silky Truffle Set

Each week I’m going to put a specialty set together choosing different items from different brands that we carry. So, your one-of-a-kind gift set might include bath bombs, bubbling bath bombs, cup cakes, truffles, lotion, soap or another wonderful, pampering and well being item – because we love home spas and we figure you probably do too!

What The Hecks A Bath Time Sweet?

If you aren’t familiar with bath bombs, bath fizzies and such, you’ll be thrilled the next time you are looking for a fantastic gift that is affordable, fits and that everyone likes receiving! It’s the gift of pampering! Here’s some quick definitions for you on the (relatively) new lingo for these products that are relaxing and good for your skin:

L1websiteBath Bombs –

Made from a base of bicarbonate of soda and citric acid, plus oils and butters that are good for your skin, bath bombs offer a modern twist at bath time. When they are dropped in water, these effervesce or bubble, (though you must have soft water, otherwise they just melt), and release aromatherapy, those good-for-your skin oils and butters and a light color for your tubing pleasure!

truffle2Bath Ice-Cream Truffles-

Truffles are similar to bath bombs because they can bubble too (ours bubbles, like bubble bath). Truffles offer a richer butter experience, so that they are like bathing in silk. These too include aromatherapy and light water coloring.

bhousecup1Cup Cakes-

Aren’t cup cakes the in thing? Well, these are not for eating! Well, your skin and your tub will consume them, but please don’t try putting them in your mouth! (Not that I’ve tried, it may be fine since the simple ingredients are natural, but they aren’t FDA approved- they are bath-time-approved!)

Cupcakes offer a unique combination of a bath bomb on the bottom, the cake, and a scrub or soap on the top, the icing. They too offer oils and butters that are rich in vitamins and, when they include Shea Butter, are a “superfood” for your skin; they also include aromatherapy and color for your tub.

It’s About Feeling Good

At Bath Bomb Emporium we are all about well being and living the good life. The fact that our Bath Time Sweets are completely consumable – by your skin and your tub- so that you can indulge in cupcakes, truffles and bath bombs without gaining weight – well, we think that’s got the makings for a good life. At least you can go home after a long day, check in to your home spa and have a fantastic evening!