Actually, most orchids don’t have a scent but people love them anyway. I assume it is because their beautiful, large blooms last so long, they are like the best flowers to have around! I like them because they break all the rules of being a plant: they don’t live in dirt, their blooms are huge compared to their size and then they stick their roots up in the air.

A Secret to Keeping Your Orchids Live

If you too like orchids and you feel like you can’t get them to live for long, here’s a huge secret for you: they always come in a coffin! Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but accurate. At home we like orchids and my mom does too. Almost every orchid we’ve ever bought has come in moss and in a pot with no hole at the bottom. This really is like a coffin for an air plant. Yes, orchids are air plants, not dirt plants. I know, counter intuitive, since they are sold in pots and in moss, right?

orchid2We’ve done super-well with our orchids because we take them out of the pots (or drill a hole for drainage) and take the moss out. We’ve even had orchids re-bloom the following year. One of the pictures for this blog is of an orchid we re-potted in bark (special bark made for orchids available at a home-improvement stores) and it’s blooming stem then grew new leaves and re-flowered this year! We have given the leaves and roots support just by attaching them to a stick to hold them up, but the roots are flying around, growing and showing themselves off, as orchids do!

orchid1Un-pot Your Orchid

Mind you, we live in Florida, which is like a hot house, so our orchids are happy outside. Still, when I visit my mom, the orchids that live indoors with her and that I re-poted for her are doing fine and they are now a couple years old.

When we bring an orchid home one of the first things we do is we take them out of their pots. In the second photo for this blog you can see the moss I’ve dropped on the floor, which came out of my orchid’s roots/pot; you can also see that I’m gently tying my orchid to a wooden display (which we bought online). I placed two orchids like this and then hung them outside.

I know how to handle orchids in my climate and I know how to water them, so I can hang them this way. If you’ve had or seen an orchid in a pot with new roots growing above the pot, then you’ll realize that you too could hang your orchid, pot-free!

If, on the other hand, you feel your climate is too dry – since the orchids absorb moisture through their roots- then just replace your orchid’s moss with bark and make sure you have a hole in it’s pot.



It’s the little things, isn’t it? I love being surrounded by beauty so one of my favorite things about living in Florida is that I can have many plants and they are all thriving. Living the life of your dreams has a lot more to do with being intentful and bringing meaning to your day, your home and yourself than anything else. When you are in places of intent and meaning on the inside, then the lifestyle of your dreams comes forward more and more on the outside.

If you are an orchid lover then I hope this blog helps you bring a more meaningful life to your orchids and to your home. As long as there is some light in your bathroom, bathrooms are a great place for orchids who live indoors because they can take advantage of the steam and humidity of your bath when you relax with a bath bomb and from your shower.