Relax With One (Bath) Bomb At A Time

Dolce Far Niente

Unfortunately, being an American means that you are subject to stress and that you spend little to no time living “dolce far niente’, or the sweetness of doing nothing.

As Americans, we tend to be productive, creative and overworked.

What we’re missing in the sweetness of nothing is the time to have our mood uplifted by everything.


Time For Nothing

It can be a counterproductive thought, but doing nothing can have great value when that nothing has great intent or purpose. We are multidimensional beings, so we need to pay attention to one of our most intriguing aspects, our feelings. When we don’t connect with our feelings or do things that feel good, we can easily get out of balance and have a hard time doing and being our best.

Glass of wine?

A leisurely stroll?

A warm bath?


Spend Time With You

Your best time doing nothing will be spent relaxing and being with yourself. Suit yourself and pick a few pampering things, like your favorite drink or snack, and then do something revitalizing to your mind, body and soul as you relax. Perhaps a walk on the beach, perhaps a warm bath in which you drop one of your favorite bath bombs for the aromatherapy and beneficial ingredients.

Now, here’s the hard part. Spend some time with yourself. Let yourself feel how you feel, regardless of how you feel. Being in water is healing, no doubt since we are made up mostly of water. Soak or breath in the ocean air as you listen to you. You don’t have to do anything about what you feel because the most important part is that you are listening to you.

Who else will take the time to hear everything you have to say? Who else will understand you completely? The key is to be your best friend and be the one and only person who listens to all of how you feel and what you think.

Perhaps more powerful that a session with a therapist, a transformational thirty minutes or hour of you being with you doing nothing, but listening to you can change everything. When you commit to listening to you, you will also find that – because you’ve taken the time to do nothing but listen – you’ll find your thoughts and feelings changing. Voila! Like magic, how you feel and what you think you should do will be uplifted!


Listen To Well-being

We are all unique, so what helps you relax and listen to yourself best will be different for you than it is for me or someone else. However, taking care of ourselves is a human characteristic. Nurturing ourselves makes us feel good and it enhances us. If you don’t have the means to go to the beach or do something extravagant, then turn your bathroom into a home spa for the night! Luxury can come in the form of a hot bath, soothing music, something to eat or drink and the aromatherapy from a bath bomb. As you probably know, aromatherapy helps shift your energy and mood, but all of these details will set the stage to help you listen for your own well-being.

In this way, you can give yourself a sweet life and uplift your mood and enhance your thoughts, one bomb at a time!